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The  Fujitsu-SMU Urban Computing and Engineering (UNiCEN) Corp. Lab is jointly funded by Fujitsu Limited and the National Research Foundation under the Corp Lab @ University Scheme.

UNiCEN is a synergistic industry-university partnership aimed at conducting industry-relevant R&D on combining computing, behavioural economics and management science approaches to create intelligent systems to address local urban challenges and conduct test-bedding in Singapore.


Our goal is to make substantial contributions in concepts, methods and enabling computational intelligence tools to address urban flow and resource management, demand and supply management and mass and personal flow control, in highly integrated and computationally practical and applicable ways.

UNiCEN will initially focus R&D and validation (via test-bed) on : 

  • Dynamic Mobility Management (DMM)
  • Maritime & Port Optimisation (MPO)
  • Urban Logistics
  • Public Security & Safety 

Last updated on 09 Jul 2018 .