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Y3 technologies to establish big data laboratory in Chongqing

17 Nov 2016

SMU has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with the Chongqing University of China (CQU) and provider of supply chain and logistics solutions, Y3 Technologies, to strengthen the transportation and logistics industry in Chongqing. Under the MOU, the three parties aim to work together to develop a roadmap to establish a Big Data Laboratory in Chongqing dedicated to research, application development and innovation in the logistics industry. They further plan to develop craft specialized programmes to equip Chongqing University’s students with the right skill sets to align with the growing needs of the industry.

“This tripartite collaboration with Chongqing University and Y3 Technologies is a good private-public partnership model for developing use-inspired research capabilities and industrially relevant technology. This is SMU’s second collaboration in establishing a research lab that has native industry participation,” said SMU Professor of Information Systems Professor Lau Hoong Chuin, who is also the Director of the Fujitsu-SMU Urban Computing and Engineering Corp Lab.

[Featured Photo: Prof. Lau Hoong Chuin of School of Information Systems; Prof. Wang Xu of Chongqing University; Marc Dragon, CEO of Y3 Technologies]

Source: techseen

Last updated on 19 Dec 2016 .