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Our Students Experiences in UNiCEN

"I spent slightly over 2 months with UNiCEN after my graduation, while waiting for my full-time job to begin. What I experienced during this time, however, was far beyond the stay-busy sort of work that I had been expecting. Instead, I was treated to an unforgettable experience working on a tremendously impactful project on a nationwide public sector scale. Although I had scant interaction with most members of the lab, UNiCEN proved to be an extremely conducive environment for working and learning. I especially appreciated initiatives by the lab to get engineers and analysts from different disciplines and project teams to gather and share their work.

Moving forward, I remain grateful for the opportunity to work in UNiCEN. I can only hope to carry forward as many of the skills and experiences I gained from my stint there onto my next job and beyond."

- Lim Shi Quan -
Intern (Jul 2017)

As a undergraduate taking Analytics as a 2nd major, my time at the UNiCEN lab has been extremely fulfilling. I was given much autonomy in the project that was assigned to me during this internship stint, and it was an eye-opening experience. I got to experience and see the workings behind the initial stages when kicking off a project and was, also, provided the opportunities to apply what I have learnt in classes. Furthermore, I also had the opportunity to further develop my IT skills. With the lab brimming with friendly and supportive experts, I managed to develop my R knowledge, which I then subsequently used to find insights on the project I was working on.

Though my time at UNiCEN was just a short 11-week, the exposure this experience has given me was invaluable and I would recommend UNiCEN to anyone considering a summer placement.

- Rachel Tay -
Intern (Jul 2017)

It gives me great pleasure to say with pride that I have completed my internship at UNiCEN. Everyone at UNiCEN was very cooperative and the environment was very positive. Prof. Shih-Fen Cheng was very helpful and always there to clear all my doubts. I am very grateful to be a part of UNiCEN and has helped me broaden my horizons. Life at UNiCEN has been very enriching. The environment not only helped me in imbibing knowledge but also in developing my overall personality. It has given me real world experience, a strong foundation, and valuable experience for my future career. This internship has allowed me to hone my skills especially those in the field of analytics.

- Keerthana Ramesh -
Master Student (Jun 2017)

I completed my capstone project for Master of IT in Business at UNiCEN. The experience is really precious to me. I was given opportunity to work on an analytics project with Singapore Police Force. My supervisor Prof. Lau Hoong Chuin is very supportive along the way. I could use the data to apply what I learnt in class to real life and derive actionable insights. The lab also gives students opportunities to present their findings to the colleagues. The environment in UNiCEN is very academic, people are very friendly and devoted to research. The flexible schedule is very helpful for my study at the same time. It is a good place to taste the research life, especially knowing your result will help improve the efficiency of the society.

- Liu Jalin -
Master Student (Jun 2017)

Singapore Management University is a quite young university in Singapore. Sometimes, the word, ‘young’, can be considered as naive, but it also includes some implications, such as energetic and trendy. Among such attempts, research in UNiCEN grabbed my attention because it deals with practical problems with empirical data. Some researchers just settled for academic contributions. I was also satisfied with that kind of achievement, but I hoped to become an expert who can solve problems in the real world. That desire was the main reason why I chose SMU/UNiCEN.

It is meaningful for me to be a member of UNiCEN. As I had hoped, I have been doing practical research. For example, using a real dataset from a company, I analyzed taxi drivers’ behavior. In another study, I also found some communities between drivers, and I’ll validate differences between communities in the near future. Usually, the volume of a text file is more than 1GB and I handle 10 files simultaneously. I can do this research because of the help from UNiCEN. Real datasets, servers for analysis and advice from faculty members are all available at UNiCEN. I’m sure that UNiCEN will provide more opportunities in the future.

- Chung-Kyun Han -
PhD Student (Aug 2016)

After spending few years in the IT industry, I wanted to get into pure research. I was broadly interested in optimization; decision making under uncertainties; and learning & planning problems. I got excited about the recent advancements in urban computing and was looking for a university where I could pursue my research interests. As research objectives of UNiCEN was in align with my research interests, I decided to apply for UNiCEN scholarship. I am very glad that I was accepted for the scholarship.

My experience of working at UNiCEN lab has been wonderful. I am very excited to work on Dynamic Mobility Management project where I am trying to devise a taxi notification system which minimizes gap between demand and supply . I have access to rich dataset to perform my experiments which would not have been possible if I was not part of UNiCEN. I also get opportunities to work with smart research fellows and research engineers here. As multiple faculty members are attached to the lab, I am privileged to be able to discuss my research ideas and get feedbacks from multiple faculty members.

- Tanvi Verma -
PhD Student (Aug 2016)

UNiCEN gave me a great opportunity to expand on my current skill set. In this internship, I've learned about the Web Crowd Simulation Platform, to hide the complexities of the simulations, dashboard where users are able to track their simulations and create a web frontend user interface where users are able to run simulations anywhere.

Meanwhile, I've also met a lot of new friends to share their knowledges and experiences.

- Loh Wei Jun -
Intern (Aug 2016)

The environment of a corporate lab is very different from a normal company or firm. Having done an internship at a normal firm in the CBD before, the flexibility that unicen gives is a privilegde that many other firms can’t afford. The serenity and privacy that unicen has to offer is luxury as well.

The expectations that unicen projects demand might be higher than the average company, but it is worthwhile. Challenges that are given are very real-world and relatable. All in all a unique and fulfilling experience.

- Lin Qianpin -
Intern (Aug 2016)

It was a great experience for me to do internship with UNiCEN. I really learnt a lot along the way, both technical skills and communication skills. I also see what and how I should improve myself.

Working in LTA team, I found that each of us has very specific tasks. Most of the time we work individually and sometimes we need to collaborate with each other. My colleagues are very nice and they are willing to help whenever I seek help from them. My team is able to work very efficiently and proficiently.

I appreciate my internship experience with UNiCEN which exposed me to a real world working environment.

- Dong Ru Yan -
Intern (Aug 2016)

Working at UNiCEN was a great learning experience for me. I really appreciated the effort put in by everyone in my team to make sure that I learn something from my internship that I can apply in my future endeavours. Everybody in my team was very accommodating to me in spite of their very busy schedules. They were all very approachable and always willing to take out the time to help me and answer my queries. This helped me pick up a lot of skills during my time at UNiCEN.

I also thoroughly enjoyed working at UNiCEN because the working environment is so delightful. Everybody in the office was nice to the interns! I would like to specially thank you for taking such good care of us. The special touch of assigning a lunch buddy for me in the first week was much appreciated. Moreover, I was really happy that we had other interns working as well. In my first two weeks, I was the only intern at the office, and I didn’t really have many people to interact with. But after the other interns arrived it was much better because I could interact with them!

- Manisha Goyal -
Intern (Aug 2016)


Last updated on 26 Jul 2017 .