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Year 2016


A. Gunawan, H. C. Lau and P. Vansteenwegen. Orienteering Problem: a survey of recent variants, solution approaches and applications. European Journal of Operational Research, 255 (2), 315-332, 2016

The Orienteering Problem (OP) has received a lot of attention in the past few decades. The OP is a routing problem in which the goal is to determine a subset of nodes to visit, and in which order, so that the total collected score is maximized and a given time budget is not exceeded. A number of typical variants has been studied, such as the Team OP, the (Team) OP with Time Windows and the Time Dependent OP. Recently, a number of new variants of the OP was introduced, such as the Stochastic OP, the Generalized OP, the Arc OP, the Multi-agent OP, the Clustered OP and others. This paper focuses on a comprehensive and thorough survey of recent variants of the OP, including the proposed solution approaches. Moreover, the OP has been used as a model in many different practical applications. The most recent applications of the OP, such as the Tourist Trip Design Problem and the mobile-crowdsourcing problem are discussed. Finally, we also present some promising topics for future research.<



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