Driver Guidance System (DGS) Trial


Driver Guidance System (DGS) Trial


Drivers are provided with individualised guidance to high demand locations delivered via smartphones

About DGS

The DGS is designed to sense taxi demands (where taxi trips are) and supplies (where taxi drivers are) throughout the city, and provide driver-specific guidance on which region / road to roam in order to improve the driver’s job prospects / trips. Drivers can use the DGS mobile app to get guidance and recommendation on where to find passengers.

DGS is jointly developed by the research team from Fujitsu-SMU Urban Computing and Engineering (“UNiCEN”) Corp. Lab, Singapore Management University (“SMU”) and Computing Science Department of Institute of High Performance Computing, under Agency for Science and Technology (A*Star), in collaboration with the Land Transport Authority of Singapore and supported by National Research Foundation.

System Trial

Since Sept 2017, the research team has been conducting Pilot trials of the DGS with taxi drivers in Singapore to verify how well the DGS works in predicting and finding passengers for taxi drivers; and measure the improvement in empty cruising time per day.

Drivers following DGS guidance experience around 17% shorter roaming time!

Our next phase of trial starts on 12 Feb 2018. Licensed taxi drivers in Singapore (from any of the taxi operators except HDT) are invited to test the DGS. There is no cost to joining the trial; we pay incentive for drivers to test DGS!


How the System trial works?

Taxi drivers can participate in the system trial in 5 simple steps:

  1. Register for the trial
  2. Install the DGS app available in both IOS (version 9.0 & above) and Android (version 4.1 & above) after you receive the confirmation SMS from us
  3. Agree to consent to join the trial (as shown in the DGS app)
  4. Login and start using the DGS app
  5. Provide feedback at the end of 4 weeks (you can continue using the app after 4 weeks!)

The DGS mobile app is designed to be hands-free and does not pose any driving risks to drivers. Drivers just need to follow the guidance and drive towards the highlighted areas to look for passengers.

If taxi drivers wish to stop the trial, simply uninstall the DGS app.


Contact us:
Taxi drivers can provide feedback via the DGS mobile app. Or contact our researchers at:
Hotline: 6828 9097 (Mon-Fri from 9.00 a.m. to 5.00 p.m.)

We need your feedback:
Taxi drivers are requested to submit an online survey (via the DGS app) on the usefulness of the DGS app at the end of 4 weeks. Drivers may also be requested to attend a face-to-face debrief session.

We pay you for your time:
We pay incentive to taxi drivers for using the DGS app and following recommendation.

Simply logon to DGS AND follow recommendation (by driving towards the highlighted areas) for 1 to 2 hours a day over a 4-week period to qualify for up to $50 incentive. The incentive value is shown in the app.

Register Your Interest

DGS Trial starts from 12 Feb 2018!
Follow DGS recommendation for 1 to 2 hours a day to receive
incentive payment of up to $50 (cash vouchers) every 4-weeks.

Click the ‘Register’ button to sign up before you proceed to download the DGS app.

Download the DGS App by clicking the icon below:


This trial aims to test the accuracy of the guidance system for taxi drivers. We expect drivers who follow the DGS recommendation to get more jobs per day, and reduce empty cruising time.

Any licensed taxi driver from any of the taxi operators in Singapore except HDT is welcomed to participate in this trial. Participation is on first come first server basis.

Simply logon and use the DGS mobile app during your free cruising time throughout the trial period. Follow the DGS recommendation by driving towards the predicted high demand areas (the highlighted area) and combine with your driving knowledge, look for passengers.

Apart from your registration information and consent to join the trial and feedback, the DGS app will collect your driving locations to measure the effectiveness of the recommendations.

Yes, your information will be secured and will not be shared. You will not be identified. Data will only be used for research by authorized researchers.

Yes, you can stop participation in the trial anytime by un-installing the DGS app or inform us. However, we encourage you to complete at least 4 weeks to experience the usefulness of the app.

Yes. Starting from 12 Feb 2018, all drivers (including drivers who join the Pilot trial) that follow DGS recommendation for 1 to 2 hours a day will get incentive payment of up to $50 (cash vouchers) for every 4-week cycle. The payable incentive $ is shown on the app (Earned).

Estimated data usage is 3Mb per hour of use.


 Fujitsu-SMU Urban Computing & Engineering Corp. Lab
      Singapore Management University

      71 Stamford Road
      Singapore 178895

 Principal Investigators
      Cheng Shih-Fen / Qin Zheng
        +65 6828 9097
        ( Mon - Fri, 9:00a.m. to 05:30p.m.)