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Urban congestion causes inconvenience for people and substantial social problems and large economic losses. Hence, the DMM research focuses on addressing demand surges and peaks in urban spaces e.g. convention centres, stadiums, theme parks, and deliver solutions that enable large urban centres to reduce crowd congestion and enhance visitor experience, urban sustainability and quality of life.  



  • Understand and improve people mobility and experience in large urban spaces, especially under extreme conditions and surges
  • Develop methods and a new service platform, combining research in data and decision analytics, modelling and simulation, and behavioural modelling, mechanism designs and experimentation



  • Large-scale multi-agent planning, applied to crowd coordination and dispersion in dynamic and uncertain environment
  • Operational and real-time analytics: identify patterns, anticipate irregular demand surges, detect imbalance in mobility demands and supplies
  • Decision making: take into account predictions based on real-time and historical analytics, and produce plans and schedules for individual travellers and enterprise / operational resources
  • Test-bed with transport-related and large venue operators


Last updated on 16 Apr 2018 .