Singapore is one of the leading ports in the world in terms of the trading volume and the operational efficiency. The Maritime & Port Optimisation (MPO) research aims to develop methods and tools for optimising integrated maritime-port–urban logistics and supply chain management activities in a sustainable manner to  meet the following objectives:

  • Innovation => to accommodate the increasing trading volume from the sea
  • Port productivity => to address issues such as limited land and ageing workforce
  • Port-city integrated logistics => to minimise the congestions at the port and the inland area  



Develop innovative solutions for managing the problems across the Ocean-to-Cities Ecosystem with the foci on enhancing safety, efficiency, and productivity

  • Study and understand problems of efficiency and safety
  • Develop new algorithms, models and an integrated platform

  • Adaptive modelling and simulation for safer and efficient navigation of maritime traffic 
  • System dynamics modelling to understand the impact and influencing factors, recommendation for operation decision making 
  • ‘What-if’ scenarios simulation for traffic optimisation and planning 
  • Match shippers and carriers through market mechanism to optimise last mile logistics 
  • Test-bed with maritime/port operators and logistics operators  




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