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2017 Christmas Celebration in UNiCEN

December of each year is a season of celebration and bonding. This year, UNiCEN team celebrated 3rd Christmas together with much joy and teamwork through rehearsals and performance. No more Deck the Hall decoration competition for this year, but we have more exciting competition to uncover hidden talent among our team!

The UNiCEN team was grouped into 3 teams to put up an entertaining item - be it singing, skit or dance. Although the time given for each team to conceptualise and prepare was short, each team still managed to work around each other work assignment deadlines and leave schedules to crave out time to meet for brainstorming sessions and practices. The preparation process had brought lots of fun and sweet memories to all and fostered great team spirit.

We started our Christmas celebration on 14 Dec 2017 with our 4 directors performing. Prof. Lau, Prof. Cheng and Oi Mei sang the Christmas carol - "Joy to the World" (English version) with Prof. Lau playing the guitar at the same time. Rio, who was unable to attend the event due to work commitment at Fujitsu, entertained the team with his pre-recorded Japanese version of the “Joy to the World”. The Director’s segment ended on a high note with Prof. Lau and Prof. Cheng leading the whole UNiCEN team to sing another carol "A gift 一件礼物" in Mandarin.

Busy with putting up the Christmas tree and brainstorming and practising.

‘UNiCEN Got Talent’ competition

The 3 teams went all the way out with their performance to outshine each other. The UNiCEN team had an enjoyable time discovering hidden performing talents among the colleagues and students.

The UNiCEN directors also had a hard time determining the winning team as the performance from the 3 teams were unique, enjoyable and entertaining.

The winning team.

Thereafter the team adjourned to the SMU B3 café for a feast.

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Last updated on 16 Jan 2018 .